Seasons and reasons

Seasons and reasons

In everything there is a season.  A time to live.  A time to die.  A time for every purpose under Heaven.  

My husband, Brody, asked me a familiar question this morning.  “I know we’ve talked about this before, but why does it seem some people sail through life with good thing after good thing, and others experience heartache after heartache.”

He asked me that again this morning because I was just receiving word of the passing of another one of my sweet friends.  Stacy fought a hard battle with a rare and painful disease.  And she fought beautifully.

The reason it was familiar… not many months before that my dear friend Karen was called to Heaven.  Cancer took her from her family and friends far too soon.

And less than two months before that, that same friend, Karen, had visited me at the hospital after losing our granddaughter and being uncertain of our own daughters’ future on this earth.

This blog is mostly for me, though I am happy to have you along, and would be even happier to hear your thoughts as I explore, and maybe make sense of the reasons for the seasons.